The Hygge Family Box

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The Hygge Family Box is a curated selection of our favourite local gifts aimed to bring families together delivered right to you!

Created by The Mind Full Mommies and Giving Gifts

To Purchase the box please visit Giving Gifts website!

Our mission is to bring families together and create present-ness by being in the moment with the people you care about. That is what Hygge (Hue-gah) is all about! It is a Danish word that means coziness, warmth and togetherness. Every item in the Hygge Family Box has been carefully selected by Lisa, Stina and Bre. They are all beautiful gifts that we use in our homes, and with our own families, to create a warm and inviting environment filled with special meaningful moments.

As educators, it is important to us that we included guided creative activities we know you and your kids will love! There are instructions for 10 hands-on activities in the Spring box that you can do right away (they are very easy, we promise). They use the items in the box in new and creative ways. There is also a very special 30 day Hygge Challenge to take part in with the other families that receive this box. We are excited for you to join us online as we do the Hygge Family Challenge together! We know you are going to love it!

The Family Hygge Box will help you effortlessly spend quality time with your loved ones while learning and trying new things together along the way. So grab your family, open The Family Hygge Box and let’s get Hyggelig (hue-gah-lee)!

The Details:

  • A box full of gifts perfect to practice Hygge in Spring and all year round
  • 8 to 10 full-sized local items that align with our mission to bring families together
  • Retail value of over $250 for only $110
  • All items are perfect for this time of social distancing
  • Ideal for families with kids ages 2 to 12
  • The perfect gift that can be mailed directly to another family
  • Includes the Hygge Family Challenge with 30 activities to do together. Join our online community completing the challenges together.
  • 10 activity sheets to do as a family that will guide you through many fun ways to use the items in the box
  • Instructions on how to bring more Hygge into your home.
  • Best of all memories for years to come!


What is Hygge:

There is no English word that directly translates from the Danish word Hygge (Hue-gah). It is often related to coziness during the colder months however to us Hygge means creating warmth, love, and togetherness by spending time with the ones you love all year round.

Growing up, Hygge was always a part of our lives but we didn’t come to realize how special and unique the practice of Hygge was until we were busy adults with our own families. In today’s world things are moving fast and taking the time to be present and spend time together as a family takes conscious effort and practice. We appreciate that our families prioritized Hygge and we have done the same for our children. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for other families to do the same. We love what is including in the Spring Family Hygge Box and know that it will bring warmth and comfort to your home and create togetherness and special memories for you and your loved ones.

Welocme Letter HFB

Covid 19

Caring for Yourself and Your Family When You’re Feeling Anxious During These Uncertain Times

With all that is going on in the world today Stina and I have been racking our brains trying to figure out how in someway we can use our social platform to help others. We have had many ideas but making them come to fruition has been tricky with five boys in the same house together. However one thing we know we can do is podcast anywhere at any time as long as we have someone that’s able to watch the boys, like our husbands who are all currently home from work right now. So we thought who do we know that could help us and our listeners find some balance and calm at this time of great stress and anxiety. We decided to call on Beverly Anderson who has been in my life for a very long time. Beverley was introduced to me years ago by my mother in law.

Beverley is a Registered Social Worker and therapist with 25 years of counselling experience in the mental health field. She specializes in Perinatal Mental Health and offers support, resources and strategies for mental wellness. She has further specialization in Compassionate Bereavement Care for those who have suffered Perinatal Loss. She also has experience in counselling individuals and couples around fertility issues, building alternative families, depression and anxiety, parenting issues, LGBTQ issues, life transitions and relationships.

As many of you know I can go through bouts where I really struggle with anxiety. Beverly has been there throughout all of it and always manages to bring me back to a place of rationale And calm when my life is feeling out of control. Beverly has been an amazing therapist to me and an amazing friend and Without hesitation Beverly accepted our request to do a podcast with her to talk about all of this today.

On this episode we talk about how important it is take care of yourself before you can start to take care of your family. Many people are struggling right now and its ok to feel scared. She talks about leaning into your feelings, gratitude, nourishing yourself and how to connect with others. Beverley gives concrete examples and strategies that you can implement today to help ground yourself and find normalcy during this time of great stress and disruption. 

Listen to the podcast Here


Beverley is taking on new patients and is doing phone sessions. You can find Beverley Here

You can also find more information about what to do about the Coronavirus Here

Recommended Books:

Planned Worrying-Dr.David Burns

Peema Chodron-The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Following Your Dreams and Becoming a Mompreneur

Empowering and Inspiring Others, and Choosing LOVE Everyday

On this episode we talk with Lisa Pozin, Founder and Owner of Giving Gifts in Vancouver  BC. We discuss pursuing your dreams and how Giving Gifts started, why shopping local, fair trade and eco friendly is important, why it is important to have a vision and live a life you absolutely love and how she wants to change the way people give gifts. We also discuss LOVE and why Valentine’s Day is her favourite holiday!


I first met Lisa when I was strolling down Main Street after recently moving to the area and getting to know my new neighborhood. I popped into her store Giving Gifts and was immediately in LOVE! As I walked through the 5 gorgeously curated rooms my breath was taken away! And THEN there was this super friendly, helpful and passionate woman at the front of the store who offered to help me. It was obvious she cared deeply for the store, her clients, customers and her artists and suppliers – it was Lisa of course! We quickly began chatting and over the years have had many chances to get to know each other on my frequent visits to the store. 

We started following Lisa on Instagram and quickly learned she not only has a talent for sourcing beautiful gifts, creating gorgeous gift crates and designing breathtaking spaces, she is also an incredibly kind, compassionate, inspiring, hard working and loving person who is committed to making the world a better place. She embodies the vision and “Living your dreams” and has begun sharing her passions and leadership through coaching and leading retreats. When we reached out to Lisa to inquire about building our community and asked her to be a guest on our podcast she was so incredibly open and welcoming to all of our ideas! We were blown away by her receptiveness, excitement and encouragement. 

Lisa is a mom of three beautiful children, loving partner, entrepreneur, dream follower, love sharer and game changer! 

Over the last 4 years Giving Gifts has become both mine and Bre’s “GO TO” place for any kind of gift we needed. We always look forward to visiting the store to shop and especially to chat with Lisa.


You can find more info about Giving Gifts and Lisa here.

Giving Gifts Shop

Giving Gifts Instagram



Balancing Life As An Entrepreneur and Allergy Mom

The Ins and Outs of Parenting a Child with Severe Anaphalactic Allergies and Running Your Own Skin Care Business at Home

Alexandra Galbreth knows what it takes to navigate motherhood as an entrepreneur. From starting off as a French Immersion teacher and becoming a mom to two children-  to moving to a new city and starting a whole new life with her own business – to learning how to advocate for her son’s serious allergies and finding balance with health and wellness. She is the true example of the ultimate Mompreneur. 

In this episode we discuss how Alexandra has managed to juggle life as a “Mompreneur”. She discusses partnering with the number one skin care brand in North America, Rodan + Fields and running her own business, what keeps her motivated and helps her to stay on track as well as what drives her passion for health, beauty and skin care. But above all and most importantly, she speaks about raising a son with severe anaphylactic food allergies and the affect that it’s had on their family’s life. She says, “ You are given this diagnoses and sent out into the world. Now what? There should have been some sort of counselling offered and more support. I felt like a fish out of water, learning the do’s and don’ts of allergies.” People often wondered how she kept her child safe and she realized there was a real need to help others understand what allergies mean and how lost and anxious you can feel  in the beginning stages of an allergy diagnoses. Just recently Alexandra has created a blog to share her journey and provide tips and recipes that she has learned and created over the last four years. The advice that Alexandra brings for all parents, including those of children with allergies and those of children without is incredibly helpful. After interviewing Alexandra in this podcast, we have a whole new appreciation for how terrifying an allergy diagnoses can be and the importance of educating others to prevent cross contamination. 


If you want to know more about Alexandra and her journey through all of this you can find her on her blog at

Happy Allergy Mom

You can also follow her on Instagram at happyallergymom

Suggestions and Resources From Happy Allergy Mom  


  1. Educate others-family,teachers,friends,principal,coaches
  2. Meet with Principal and Teacher of school to discuss policy and procedures
  3. Develope an emergency plan
  4. Empower your child with all information they need to know and teach them how to advocate for themselves


The Peanut Free Cafe Book

Daniel Tiger Has an Allergy Book

Allergy Bracelets

The Kozygo

Universal Medical ID Tags and Bracelets

Rodan and Fields Skin Care

The Number One Skin Care Brand in North America!

Rodan and Fields

Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid (1)

REDEFINE- Pop Sugar Quote




Inquiry and Concept-Based Teaching and Learning with Misty Paterson


I am thrilled and honuored to have Misty Paterson on our podcast. I have known Misty as a friend, colleague and mentor for the past 6 years. From the minute I met her I knew we would be friends. Misty is kind, generous, creative, and incredibly inspiring. We first met when she offered her time to come in and mentor my colleague and I who were about to teach Kindergarten for the VERY first time. She shared her expertise, her passions, her resources and her time with us. I could have talked to her for hours, days, weeks….!!! About education, classroom design, concept and inquiry-based teaching and learning and life being a parent and an educator. 

Misty has two amazing children whom I have had the privilege of teaching  over the last 6 years. Both of her children embody many of the qualities I love about Misty while also being unique and curious little souls of their own. Misty balances parenting, teaching, mentoring, consulting and writing. She recently published her first book titled “Pop-up Studio – PLAYFULLY IGNITING AGENCY, ARTISTRY, AND UNDERSTANDING WITH CONCEPTS AND COMPELLING MATERIALS.” This design guide features Janice Novakowski, Misty’s contributing author, teacher-consultant,  and a dear friend.

Misty has a B.Ed.; M.A in Curriculum and Instruction. She is a certified* independent consultant specializing in inquiry and concept-based pedagogy. With twenty years in education, Misty has facilitated school visioning and inquiry-based curricula with hundreds of children, educators, and families promoting authenticity, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. Misty is a Dr Lynn Erickson and Dr Lois Lanning certified Presenter and Trainer of Concept-based Curriculum and Instruction. 

As a practising teacher, Misty’s passion for personalized practices is kindled and informed by classroom experiences, theoretical readings, current research, and previously held positions such as:

  • Program Advisor for the Vancouver Biennale; 
  • Adjunct Teaching Professor and Cohort Coordinator at UBC  
  • Vice-Principal with West Vancouver School District; and 
  • PYP Coordinator at West Bay Elementary in West Vancouver, BC establishing the first IB PYP public school in Western Canada

Additionally, Misty has taught internationally in Australia and China. She loves learning about our beautiful and complex world alongside others.

We hope you enjoy learning and inquiring with Misty on our second podcast of our Education Series! We discuss balancing parenting, teaching, learning and writing, some of Misty’s experiences with Inquiry and Concept-Based Learning with students, how you can incorporate “Pop-Up Studio” experiences into your daily life at home with your children and finally we talk all about Misty’s new book! 

~ Stina




Podcast Discussion Links:

To watch the video of the service project Misty’s students facilitated please click the link below:

To check out the Learning Pit video discussed in the podcast click the link below:

To learn more or purchase Misty’s book through Amazon please make sure to check out Misty’s website:

Tone it Up 5 Day Detox

Have you heard of the Tone it Up Girls? This week We are starting the 5 Day Detox/Slim Down. If you are unfamiliar with who the Tone it up Girls are, they are two girls who are best friends that started a fitness and health program together. They have workout videos on YouTube, a blog where they post weekly routines and recipes, an app where you can check in daily, and a community page where a bunch of girls get on like Facebook and Instagram and check in with one another and support each other. It’s such a great and supportive community especially for Mamas looking for the support they need to get motivated and the 5 day plan is such a great place to start and test it out! Stina and I have found great success with them!

Here is what a typical day requires:

  • M1: Bombshell Spell (a drink that wakes you up & cleans you out)
  • AM Workout: Choose a 30 minute workout of cardio (walking, yoga, HIIT workout…)
  • M2: Breakfast-basically a smoothie with greens, protein, coconut water and chia seeds.
  • M3: One Piece (this is a piece of fruit you eat between breakfast & lunch)
  • M4: Bikini Wrap protein and veggies wrapped in lettuce
  • M5: 3:30-4 PM: Smoothie (this is to reenergize you before your PM workout)
  • PM Workout: Do a 30 minute workout of anything you choose.
  • M6: Dinner protein tons of veg and clean sauce or dressing. No dairy healthy fat.
  • One Piece: Eat another piece of fruit if needed as a snack

You can get most of these recipes on Pinterest or you can make your own using the rules above. The main idea is to stay as clean as possible for these next five days. No alcohol, no dairy, no sugar. Only healthy fats.



We suggest taking a photo on the first day of your stomach or arms or in an area that bothers you. Then take an after photo. Post it or tag us or send it to us. This helps you stay motivated!

And tag @themindfullmommies in your posts.

We’ll be adding regular pictures and updates to this blog post. And don’t forget to follow @toneitup or visit their website at


Our Favourite Family Vacation Destination-Ko Olina Oahu

Ever since We first visited O’ahu we fell in love with Ko Olina and have since gone back every year! When my mother in law first discovered The Ko Olina Beach Villas Resort, my then fiancé and I were in our 20’s without children and ever since, we’ve been back. We’ve just recently finished a trip with our now two and four year old to give you an idea of how long we’ve been loving this special piece of heaven. It was perfect for us before kids and even more perfect for us now.

30 minutes from the airport situated on a gorgeous lagoon on the west side of Oahu, is Ko Olina. The resort area is a gorgeous place that is home to the Four Seasons, Disney’s Aulani, the Marriott, and the Beach Villas, where we stayed. The Beach Villas Resort currently has one whole lagoon to itself, which is amazing because you never have to fight for a spot on the beach! What’s also great is that you’re able to visit another popular destination called the North Shore in under an hour as well as Waikiki, and other popular destinations like Pearl Harbour.

The Lagoon

The beach villas are perfect for families. They come in two or three bedroom suites with two full bathrooms, a high-end kitchen, and a patio big enough to fit the entire family! The kitchen is fully stocked with all the pots, pans, and utensils you would need. Laundry machines are also provided in each villa. Both bathrooms and bedrooms are very spacious, and the sofa bed provides the extra space to sleep 6 or 8 if needed. Beach chairs, boogie boards, floats, and snorkeling equipment was also provided. You don’t have to buy a thing! You can also email ahead of time if you’re travelling with a baby and they’ll provide a pack n play and a high hair.

Jake in our room with a broken foot. Luckily the room provided a stroller for us!

The beaches are as beautiful as it gets. The water is crystal clear just like you see in travel magazines or photos. And the best part is that they are quiet and not packed with people. You can snorkel in the lagoons and because they are man made they are protected from sharks and giant waves and currents.

The pools on the property are stunning and once again you don’t have to fight to get a seat by the pool. There’s a lap pool as well as several mini pools amongst beautiful landscaping and a little sandy pool for kids that they can stand and play in.

The Kid Pool

The property also has a fully equipped gym, a fully stocked tiki bar and tons of poi fish ponds surrounding the gardens.

The Tiki Bar
Mai Tai

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, Costco, Target, Marshalls, TJ Max and Ross are 5 minutes away!!!!

As you can see we love it here and we highly recommend it!

Follow the link below to book your trip!

Episode 10 – Outdoor Learning and Risky Play


We are incredibly excited and grateful that Megan and Sarah joined us on The Mind Full Mommies Podcast Education Series to talk about their work in Outdoor Learning, School Gardens and Risky Play. 

Sarah is not only one of Stina’s best friends in the whole world, she is a mom to two amazing boys, a talented quilter and crafter, an athlete, and a dedicated and passionate elementary school teacher. She has taught Kindergarten, Physical Education, ESL, and Outdoor Learning in the Classroom Garden. Stina and Sarah have been through a LOT together over the years from Late French Immersion, High School, weddings, Diploma Programs, having our first babies 6 weeks a part, spending almost every day of our first mat leaves together, and now not only are they friends they get to watch their children be friends too. When Sarah tells stories about her days teaching outdoors and in the garden, her excitement and love for her job is infectious

Megan is the mom of three, wife to one and teacher to many! She has been an inspiration to Stina from the first time she met her teaching together at the same school over 10 years ago. Her commitment and passion to her teaching and children is contagious. Stina has always loved visiting her classroom and seeing what the latest activity and lesson she was up to. Most recently Stina had the experience of attending workshops with Megan’s Classroom Gardener program and once again was blown away by her knowledge, devotion and joy for learning outdoors.

She is currently working towards a PhD at UBC in the faculty of education in curriculum and pedagogy. Megan is the author of The Classroom Gardener teacher’s guide and she believes that just about any curricular content can be taught in a school garden!  Megan also offer workshops, teacher professional development, and consulting on a wide range of topics with her “Room to Play” Consulting services. She is a vocal advocate for free, risky, and unstructured nature play who believes it’s time for adults to go back to letting kids climb trees, jump off stuff, and #goplayoutside

Sarah and Megan currently teach outdoors (part time) at a local K-7 public school and piloted a re-think of how we allocate prep time in our schools. They teach outside all day and do not have an indoor space to teach in!  The children who participate in the garden/ outdoor classroom program receive 100 minutes per week of outdoor learning, in all weather and seasons.

Check out podcast #10 of the Mind Full Mommies to listen to us dig deep into the garden of learning with these two incredible experts!

XO Stina & Bre

If you would like to learn more about Megan and Sarah’s work make sure to follow @roomtoplay and @theclassroomgardener on instagram, twitter and Pintrest and make sure to check out Megan’s website at for more information and resources all about Outdoor Classrooms, School Gardens and Risky Play!